Monday, February 15, 2010

A trip to the Vet's

Ani had her 1st visit with the Vet today, we took her to the Babylon Animal Hospital on Montalk Highway in Lindenhurst (the Hempstead Animal Shelter had given us a list of vets that would wave the office visit fee for the 1st visit and we picked this one). The doctor gave took some blood to run some tests and other wise she has a clean bill of health! We also got her some shampoo so we could give her a bath tonight. After the tests and some medicines for heartworm and the coughing and sneezing and the shampoo the total bill came to $240.00; a lot of money for us right now, but very well spent! So here are some pictures of a CLEAN Ani trying to get herself dry on her blanket...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone; we have chosen a name for out baby girl and it is Ani! Here are some pictures of Ani, as you can see she is fitting right in and feeling right at home with us...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our newest Family Member

We still haven't picked out a name, but some of the ones in the running are:
Ani - an ancient Armenian city; also means wisdom and beauty
Anoush - Armenian for sweet
Joy - after Scott's mom
Shirley or Surley - as in Sherlock so that she can be called Surley Lock Holmes (I know you think it's corney, but it's cute)
Lucielle - Scott said it's after the song and BB King's guitar
Trixie - which just reminds me of the Honeymooners and I don't want her going to the moon :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Got A Dog

Scott called me from work yesterday and told me to check out this dog on Suffolk Unleashed (

We all thought that she was cute and we went to the Hempstead Shelter today to take a look at her and fell in love with her! They let us have her and she is all ours, YIPPIE !!!!

She didn't have a name and we are open to suggestions, but I say we need to let her show us who she is personality and trait wise before we actually settle on a name for her.

So here is our newest family member frolicing in the snow...

Well we got between 10 and 12 inches of snow last night, depending on where I stuck the yard stick, so I went out to take a few pictures! This is the neighborhood stray, we call her fluffernutter, she was born the spring that we moved into the house and is the kitten of my next door neighbors cat, but they do not believe that they should spay their cat or that they are responsible for any of her kittens.

And this is another kitten from the neighbors cat, almost a year old, we call him socks and shoes.

As you can see I try to make sure that they have something warm in their tummies, that's warm milk that I put out for them.

And here are the snow pictures...

This is Stephanie's house, across the street...

This is out house...

You can see that the snow is half way up my 4 foot fence...

And some of the trees...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Anthony's Yankee's Hat

Well, after MANY knit-ups and rip-outs Anthony has FINALLY gotten his Christmas Hat! It isn't what I had originally planed it to be, originally I had the NY circling the hat done in Fair Isle, but because I am such a tight knitter I had to settle on duplicate stitching it in; and because I was so depressed about being robbed instead of circling the hat it only has the NY on it once. So here is Anthony wearing his hat.

After taking a really good look at these pictures I think I'll make him another hat, when I'm not so shaken up about robberies, that is longer so that he can cuff it up if he wants and a bit less tight on the top.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Trip to the Police Station

Scott and I took a trip to the police station today to try and get a copy of the police report and a reciept for my candlestick phone. The officer on duty there said that they should have left a slip of paper with us and it should have had the report number on it. I told him that they didn't and that the detective also took my candlestick phone and didn't give me anything saying that he had taken it. The officer said that they don't do that and wrote down the detectives name and phone number as well as the case number on a piece of paper for us so the we at least have that.

So now it's just a waiting process to see if I will be getting my phone back.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you last night the detective told us that they are looking for two white guys in a Gold Ford Explorer that have been going up and down Route 112 and stealing ladies pocketbooks out of their shopping carts as they are loading the groceries into their cars and that they think that these two guys are the same two that robbed not only us but some other houses over here. All the houses that have been robbed only had their cash taken and nothing else. The detective said that it's probably because of the rise in Hirone (sorry about the spelling) addiction in this area.

Welcome to Patchogue...Brookhaven Town's Own Toilet Bowl!!!

We've been here three years and we've been robbed three times,(1st year they stole Joseph from my Nativity scene[who steals a religous item, what kind of asses are these people], 2nd year they came right up to the house and stole my gasing ball [not the stand mind you, just the ball] and now they break into the house and steal my state dollars, 1/2 dollars and dollar coins) each time a bit closer; what's next?



Today is my best friend, David's, 64th Birthday! So Happy Birthday to you David; my birthday wish is that you live longer than your children and even longer than me!

Friday, February 05, 2010

We've Been Robbed!!!

Scott and I came home tonight and our house was broken into and robbed!

We had left around 7p.m. and gone up to K-Mart to return a few things, while we were gone someone climbed through the laundry room window, very carefully I might add since they were kind enough to place my candlestick phone upright on the grass outside the window, they went through Scotts jewerly box, didn't find anything that they wanted and proceded to rummage through my socks and underware (the thought of someone pawing at my old lady underware just creeps me out...YUCK)! Then they carefully went through my center draw and took all my state quarters and Sackajawana (sorry about the spelling, but you know what I mean) dollar coins that I had been collecting. Then they pulled a few trinket boxes out of the top of my closet and dumped the quarters, 1/2 dollars and dollar coins out of them too.

We think that Anthony's comming home about 8 p.m. must have scared them and they left, closing the window in the laundry room most of the way behind them.

We got home about 8:15 p.m.; Scott tossed the bag from K-Mart onto our bed and then turned the light on and saw his jewerly box. He asked me if I had been in his jewerly box looking for something and I said that I hadn't and then I walked into the room to see my dresser all rummaged through.

Scott called Scotty and I called Dennis to see if either one of them had gone through our things, but we knew that they hadn't because there isn't anything there for them. If either one of them needed money they would have just asked us for it, the same with their friends, we would have just loaned them what ever we had. Both of the kids said that they hadn't been home; I went next door and asked Anthony if he had heard or seen anything over at our house and he said no and that he hadn't been home that long. I told him that we were robbed and he came back with me. I called the police and reported the break in and while waiting for the cops to come I went to the around the corner neighbor and asked if they had see or heard anything since our laundry room window faces their kitchen window. The lady said that she hadn't seen or heard anything and then went and asked her son if he had seen or heard anything. Her son said that he had seen two white guys parked in a gold SUV, but he didn't know what it was about so he didn't pay any attention to them. I thanked them for the information and said that I would let the police know what the son had told me.

As I was walking back to the house the cops pulled up and we showed them everything that was the way it was when we had gotten home. They took a report and called a detective to come and take some fingerprints. I told them what the neighbors son told me and they were going to go door to door to the neighbors to see if anyone else saw anything.

The detective came and took pictures of the window in the laundry room and then fingerprinted the window, that stuff is a pain to wash off I had to use the 409 and scrub it off, it's a fine black dust and I'm still cleaning it up, but if they got fingerprints to catch the guys that did this then it's all worth it.

In the end the robbers got between $100 and $500 worth of coins from us. They never even tried to take Scott's computer although Scotty said that it looks like they were trying to take his. They didn't go for the TV's either.

I'm just glad that what ever scared them off (I think it was Anthony) did, because we don't have anything of real value here and they would have just been stealing things that are close and dear to my heart.

The detective took the candlestick phone for fingerprints and said that if they catch the guys that that would be a key piece of evidence if there are any fingerprints on it. I just hope that I get my phone back because we weren't given anything at all to show that he took it, no police report about the robbery with the case number no reciept that the detective took the candlestick phone, nothing. Although I did get the detectives business card, but that dosen't prove anything.

I spent most of the night cleaning up my draws and washing all my underware and socks to get the creepy robber cooties off of them.